Amazon: an introduction

  • Duration 31h 10m 36s
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  • Last Update 5 de June de 2022


The Course “Amazon: an Introduction” derives from the Course “Environmental Management in the Amazonian Context”, originally developed by Instituto Peabiru with a focus on training Norsk Hydro’s staff on the particularities of operating in the context.

Its objective is to contribute to the acquisition of conceptual and practical knowledge about the Amazon, so that participants understand the social and environmental dynamics of the territory.

This entirely online version presents an overview of the Amazon biome, encouraging participants to reflect on biodiversity, indigenous peoples and current issues. We have invited voices from different fields – from university professors and researchers to traditional communities’ leaders – to bring together the themes and lectures, presented via video classes and supporting materials.

Hear from our specialists to take a first dive into the Amazon and grasp a bit of its complex challenges and potential.

What Will I Learn?

  • Conceptual and practical knowledge about social and environmental aspects of the Amazon, enabling participants to understand the specific dynamics of the territory.

Topics for this course

70 Lessons31h 10m 36s

Module 1 – Amazon in Context

Eight false myths about the Amazon25:34
The Amazonian dimensions20:10
Environmental services25:33
Geology, relief and hydrography – part 125:33
Geology, relief and hydrography – part 220:32
The Amazon biome – part 125:33
The Amazon biome – part 229:30
Biodiverse fauna – part 126:41
Biodiverse fauna – part 200:27:27
Biodiverse fauna – part 300:20:31
Before Brazil – part 100:27:32
Before Brazil – part 200:26:32
From the big break to the Cabanagem – part 100:28:20
From the big break to the Cabanagem – part 200:30:06
The rubber cycle – part 100:25:48
The rubber cycle – part 200:28:15
From 1960 to the present day – part 100:27:42
From 1960 to the present day – part 200:24:47
Threats to the Amazon – part 100:26:53
Threats to the Amazon – part 200:29:57
Threats to the Amazon – part 300:30:17
Threats to the Amazon – part 400:26:51
Conservation strategies – part 100:26:23
Conservation strategies – part 200:23:15
New directions for the Amazon00:35:06
To continue the research00:16:52
Module 1 Evaluation Form

Module 2 – Amazon Actors

Module 3 – Humanity – Nature Interaction

Module 4 – Physical Environment

Module 5 – Biotic Environment


Material Includes

  • - 66 Video lessons
  • - Supporting slideshows


  • To follow the classes, have your notebook close by to take notes. If you wish, you can access the support materials (presentations used in the video lesson) of each lesson before starting the lesson to familiarize yourself with the content and make it easier to follow. The presentations are always found between the annexes, below the videos, in the class visualization panel.
  • Should you have any questions, send us an email to educa@peabiru.org.br.

Target Audience

  • The course is recommended for anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge of the Amazon territory. This is a translated version of the original course (produced in Portuguese), in order to make it available to English-speakers everywhere.