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Peabiru Institute

Peabiru Institute is a Civil Society Organization of Public Interest (OSCIP, in the Portuguese acronym), with the mission “to facilitate processes of strengthening the social organization and the valorization of the socio-biodiversity”. Peabiru works in the Eastern Brazilian Amazon region, and mostly in three regions of the Pará state: Marajó Archipelago; Coastal region and The Great Belém Area. With over 21 years of operations and headquartered in Belém, Pará, it is organized in four axes:

  1. Technical Assistance to Family Farmers, Traditional Populations and Communities
  2. Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR
  3. Social Protection of Children, Youth and Women
  4. Biodiversity Conservation

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João Meirelles – General Director jmeirelles@peabiru.org.br
Mariana Buoro mariana@peabiru.org.br
Mariana Faro comunica@peabiru.org.br

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