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Instituto Peabiru is a non-profit organization classified in Brazil as a Civil Society Organization of Public Interest (OSCIP), active for over 23 years and headquartered in Belém, Pará. Peabiru operates in the Eastern Brazilian Amazon, particularly in three regions of the Pará state: Marajó Archipelago; the state’s Northeast and Belém’s Metropolitan Region. Its mission is “to foster the protagonism of social groups in the Amazon to promote full access to their fundamental rights”. Peabiru’s actions are organized in four axes: Amazon products & services value chains; Social protection; Corporate social action; Biodiversity conservation. Peabiru works through participatory processes of research, reflection and decision-making – research-action -, respecting the times and processes of different social groups and communities.

  1. Amazon products and service value chains
  2. Corporate Social Action
  3. Social Protection
  4. Biodiversity Conservation

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João Meirelles – General Director jmeirelles@peabiru.org.br
Mariana Buoro mariana@peabiru.org.br
Mariana Faro comunica@peabiru.org.br

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